Finding Joy, and an update on turkeys

This week at the market, Salt Fork Farms will have lots of heirloom slicing and cherry tomatoes, Roma-type tomatoes for salsa and sauce and canning; sweet green and red peppers, green and red medium-hot chiles, green and red hot chiles (speaking of chiles, do you all know about Scoville Units?  Please read about them on Wikipedia); thai, japanese, chinese, italian, and indian-style eggplant; various types of apples from the Cadoret Orchard; onions, potatoes, garlic, okra, chard, fennel, broccoli, basil, herbs, beans!!, edamame, beets, leeks, cilantro!!!!, eggs, and chickens.

Each morning, 15-20 minutes after sunrise, Eric is out doing morning chores. While he is out I can hear the coffee perculating, (yes, we use a 1975 Corning coffee perculator, because it’s awesome.) while Charlie and I snuggle up, nursing, and Milo tells us what he saw in his sleep. Five minutes after Eric is home he comes in and hands me a cup of coffee. This is the best part of my day. It’s the small moment that we are all together, “I love yous” are exchanged by all and my heart is filled with joy. Not that it isn’t at other times. It’s just that this particular moment seems to steady us for a day filled with all the other crazy goings on. Why all the craziness? As I told you in the last blog update we have two new additions. Charlie joined the Menzel family on July 15th. He’s now 8 weeks old. Swoon.








We also let you know that Salt Fork Kitchen was in the works. Sign1  SFK will open to theSign 2    public on September 22.  Salt Fork Kitchen is a long time dream of Eric’s. It will be a locally sourced, made from scratch restaurant providing quality food at a fair price for you, and the farmer. Salt Fork Kitchen looks forward to working with Echollective, Kroul Farms, Pavelka’s Point, Muddy Miss Farms as well as Wake Up Iowa City! who will be working on a special brew just for SFK. Service will start with breakfast 7 days a week. M-F doors open at 6 am, Saturday 7-2 and Sunday 8-2. A number of Farm-to-Table dinners will happen in  October and November, with the first being October 17th. We will continue to fill you in as more services are available.  Currently you can find more info on Facebook. The website will be up in 2-3 weeks.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all and becoming a greater part of the Solon Community, and I am looking forward to watching Eric and J find their joy in this journey.

On a side note, Salt Fork Farms will NOT have turkeys this year. As with all farming ventures, sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t. Weather, timing and other circumstances came into factor. But we will have chickens!

On another side (but also central note), we need egg cartons!!!!!  Please bring us yours this Saturday.  Thanks.

I hope you all have time to find the small bits of joy in your day!




About saltforkfarms

A small organic farm in Iowa that raises Standard Breed laying hens and hybrid broiler chickens suited for a pasture-based system, as well as varieties of vegetables and fruit suitable to our Eastern Iowa climate. We grow food, we eat food, we sell food!
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4 Responses to Finding Joy, and an update on turkeys

  1. Jennifer says:

    thanks for a beautiful post, Eve.

  2. Berit says:

    your morning sounds heavenly. congrats on the restaurant! great move. XO

  3. says:

    Zayna, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  4. Ken Zahrt says:

    Crazy Man Ken, Mary and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at your soft opening Great job, excellent food and much a needed restaurant in the area. KUDO’S to you.

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