Iowa. Oh, and Eric will have chickens for sale this week.

I have a confession to make, I love Iowa. I mean, I really, really love Iowa. My sister and I drove to Chicago two weekends ago. As we crossed back into Iowa we both sighed. My sister was the first to say it. “Don’t you love it?”

We’ve had the same on going conversation for almost 10 years now. Usually, Bene`, my sister, will call me and say it. Then we talk about what is going on at the time. “Are the corn fields just starting to show signs of growth by your house?” Or “Is it raining there yet? Isn’t it beautiful?”

I always feel sorry for people who move here and hate it. What a bummer it must be for them. How could you not find something to love about Iowa?

Eric and J are taking a small tour of Iowa this week. They will be packing up the broiler birds on Wednesday night and heading up to Greene, Iowa. The drive up to Greene is amazing. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive Northwest of Iowa City. They will be hauling 300+ birds off on Thursday morning, around 4 am. They will get the chance to watch the sunrise over growing fields. Once they drop the birds off they will have a few hours to kill (yep, I’m funny!) as they wait for the birds to be processed. After this they will drive home, looking at the beautiful Iowa countryside.

This means Salt Fork Farms will have full frozen chickens for sale this weekend at the Iowa City Farmers’ Market. What a treat!

Be sure to check back later this week for the list of what Eric will have on Saturday. We will also announce the date of our CSA gathering ASAP. We truly appreciate all of you who have invested in Salt Fork Farms.

Have a great week, and if you haven’t figured out how great Iowa is, go out for a bike ride or drive. It’s insanely beautiful.



About saltforkfarms

A small organic farm in Iowa that raises Standard Breed laying hens and hybrid broiler chickens suited for a pasture-based system, as well as varieties of vegetables and fruit suitable to our Eastern Iowa climate. We grow food, we eat food, we sell food!
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7 Responses to Iowa. Oh, and Eric will have chickens for sale this week.

  1. Kathleen says:

    Eve, I am always amazed at the shades of green in Iowa. It takes a trip outside the state to fully appreciate its rich and colorful landscape. Looking forward to the chickens – Yum..

  2. saltforkfarms says:

    Isn’t it just amazing, Kathy? I don’t know why, but I always am struck when I cross the border. I feel like one fortunate girl to have come back to Iowa. Even more so to be out in the country!

    Thanks for reading, Kathy!


  3. Lori S-U says:

    Eve, I’ve always told Mark that if we were to ever move back to the midwest, it’d have to be Iowa or middle-to-upper Wisconsin. But since you guys are there, I’d rather it be Iowa. It truly is a beautiful part of the midwest that thankfully the rest of the country overlooks.

    • saltforkfarms says:

      I’m so happy to live in “fly-by” country. I’m happier to know that you and Mark would move here. I can’t see you guys leaving New Mexico soon, but we would welcome you!

  4. Nadine says:

    I love living in Iowa too…especially at this time of year. We were in Northeast Iowa this weekend Forrest a family wedding and my husband and I kept commenting on how beautiful it is there. The different shades of green, trees, and rolling hills are amazing! We would comment about how the corn and soybean fields looked and admire all the old farms! When we got home my 10 year old commented that she wants to move there because it is so peaceful…out of the mouthes of babes!

    • saltforkfarms says:

      It seriously might be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Where we live, the Cedar River Valley, is amazing. Nadine, were you guys near Decorah? There is a place just southwest of Decorah called Green’s Sugar Bush. This is where we get our maple syrup for the year. Truly amazing! If you are ever around eastern Iowa, feel free to stop by!

  5. Bobby Jett says:

    Just saw the article in the Press Citizen. Great job guys! You are the future of Iowa!! 🙂

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